Business Owners Consulting Program

“We all need people to give us ideas, Suggestions, leads and feedback. That is how we improve” – Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

That’s why it is safe to say that everyone needs a Business Consultant.

When you are struggling to get business results in this cut throat, volatile market, or when you have an idea and plan but don’t know how to execute it , a business consultant can offer the handholding that you are missing to reach the next level. Not only that, but a BC can hold you accountable to your goals in ways you are not always able to do alone. BC’s give you the tools and techniques to get your business sales boosted.

“What is Business Consulting? It is the catalyst in transforming Human Capital to Business Growth”.

Business Consulting is a major element in today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world. Business owners, Startups, MSME’s, Corporates etc. today there is a growing demand for “Business consulting” everywhere.

“We Care” Business Consulting:

Whether you are wanting to revive a struggling business or make an already prosperous business even more prosperous or whether you are running a small local business or an international company, we at CPHR business consulting will be able to understand your needs and help you accordingly, that is improve your overall market share.

Business Consulting can help build business through assessments on Current Business approach, concerns on the areas of improvement through rigorous sales trainings. By evaluating the current business model and identifying areas for development through in-depth sales training, business consulting can support the growth of a company.

Understanding the USP to negotiations, persuasions, and influencing Techniques.

Using the right tools and right techniques to make Business/ Sales happen.

Along with improving the operation and growth of a business, Business Consulting is able to ease some of the owners burden to make their journey easier and enjoyable.

When you work with a CPHR business consultant, you’ll have Someone in your corner who can assist you through the challenges you will Inevitably face and serve as a source of experience and expertise that you can rely on to move from “when the going gets tough to the tough get going”.

Business Consulting:

  • Sales Trainings/Interventions
  • Stratergy
  • Handholding
  • Nurturing
  • Achieving growth with results

How do we achieve the Business Growth? Structured Road Map: Hand holding initiative.

Hand holding Trainings/Interventions and their Indicators:

  • Understanding your Business approach – Your pattern of Selling.
  • Creative ways of penetration (selling) – Business Model.
  • Volcano selling- Robust selling techniques.
  • The Positive versus Negative Business Attractor.
  • Logical approach towards business trends.
  • The Intentional Business “Change Process” That Works.
  • Negotiations, Persuasions, and Influencing techniques.
  • New Startups and their Business Models.
  • Looking beyond and comprehending the best practices and outcomes in the competitive Market.
  • Strategic realignment and trends “ Market Needs “.
  • Freeze and analyze every word you put as a statement.
  • Managing people and their emotions / self-management.
  • Critical thinking (focused on structured problem solving).

One of the key roles Business Consulting play is to help business owners deal with problems that get in the way of them working at full effectiveness. These may be work-based problems, home-based problems, or life-change problems. In “The training Approach”, the employee stands the best chance of helping the owners solve these problems, not by finding answers for them, but by skillfully steering them towards their own answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is confused about what step to take next in the educational or career field will be benefited from career counseling. As a working professional, we can help you explore your career by getting you new job opportunities and help students to choose the right course in accordance with their skills.
We use career counseling as a tool to cover aspects such as, self-assessment, self-exploration, self-evaluation, career-exploring tools, decision-making strategies, goal setting, Job searching strategies, Resume building, Interview preparation, and coping with job loss.
Our main goal is to help you thrive in your profession by equipping you with skills, improving your flaws, developing your personality, or helping the student to make the right career choices through career counseling.
The duration of career counseling depends on the individual. It varies on the individual capability to grasp and the requirements they are seeking for.
The length of the counseling determines the cost of the career counseling. So, it usually varies on the number of counseling sessions attended.
Career counseling brings with itself a bunch of advantages. Some of them are improved self-assessment, knowledge of the latest job trends, the right career path and goals, and work-life balance which can give satisfaction in a job. Moreover, it serves best to disperse stress and anxiety or to cope with job loss.
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