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Let us help you find employees best-suited for your business needs, while you focus on bigger goals. With a set of experienced

Hr recruiters

and an extensive, updated database, we match the ideal candidates with available designations. Get ready to scale the heights of success, backed by a team that understands!


Find the candidate you’ve been looking for! What next? We offer basic recruitment, Turnkey Projects, CRBO, Training,

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and more.

Turnkey Projects

If you’re setting up a new office or venture and are looking to hire across various levels, you’re at the right place. Let us recruit for you!


Let us help you find employees best-suited for your business needs, while you focus on bigger goals.

1. Job evaluation

We conduct a thorough analysis of the organisation structure before the job evaluation is made. We take into consideration:

  • Skillset and Experience level required
  • Scope of the job position
  • Working conditions etc.

These factors are pre-gathered from the client based on which an overall analysis is made. This in turn contributes to determining the right fit for the right job with the right compensation.

2. Head hunting

With a vast and high-quality database of candidates, our team gets in touch with the pool of candidates who possess the right experience and skill set as per our client’s needs.

3. Shortlisting

The CV of each applicant is thoroughly screened on the given criteria and the ones that match the requirements are selected.

4. Interviewing

The shortlisted candidates are then finally forwarded to the client for the first round of interviews at their premises.

5. Selection & Induction

Further, we also undertake the process of inducting the candidates about the organization for which they are selected.

Apart from skills training, we offer an overall training that encompasses the culture, values and philosophy of the company.

The candidate is inducted in such a manner by CP HR that the candidate gets a head start upon joining the organisation.