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Are you facing an issue of finding qualified and skilled professionals to work on your projects? Did you ever quit taking on a project because of the shortage of skillful employees in your company? There is no more necessity of doing that. You can focus on taking up new projects while we are hiring qualified and skilled professionals that are the right fit for your projects.

We can proudly say that CPHR is the best Job Recruitment Company and Placement Consultancy. Here, at CPHR we recruit professionals starting with talent sourcing and following the best recruitment strategies during the candidate's assessment. We have a team of highly experienced HRs who can evaluate the candidates for you. CPHR has a very high success rate in recruiting highly skilled professionals for your company. We are specialized in recruiting candidates from all kinds of fields.

Staffing Solutions

We provide different Staffing Solutions depending on your project recruitment. We can provide you with Permanent Staffing, and Temporary Staffing and we can also recruit flexible staff who can work night shifts so that you don’t miss out on foreign projects.

We can also hire staff that can work on a contract basis and we can also hire some additional candidates on-demand at any point in time.

The Staffing Agency at CPHR follows all the staffing metrics during candidate screening and selection while hiring Permanent staff or hiring contingent workforce. We also make sure that you get professionals that fall under your budget by following Staffing cost management.

Recruitment Procedure at CPHR

At CPHR, we follow a rigorous procedure for hiring qualified and skillful professionals that can bring value to your company. Our procedure starts with finding the candidates with the essential qualification. The key steps that are involved while hiring the candidates are:

  • We find the right candidates from all the reputed institutions in the country and candidate evaluation is done based on your requirements and the qualification of the candidate.
  • Candidate Screening is done by looking into all the profiles in detail and we shortlist the profiles that are suitable for your company.
  • We test the skills of the short-listed candidates with the Aptitude test, Reasoning test and we also test the communication skills of the candidate.
  • Then we filter out the candidates that have done well in the Aptitude test and proceed with them for the further rounds.
  • These selected candidates are tested on their technical skills with an examination.
  • All the selected candidates will be interviewed by our HR department where the candidates will be going through personality and behavioral assessment.
  • We just don’t want to hire a skilled professional for you. We also want to hire candidates that are suitable for your company’s working culture. So, we also do a cultural assessment of the candidate on behalf of you.
  • After completing all these rounds, the rightful and fit candidates are selected.
  • We also do psychometric testing for the selected candidates and we also groom them with pre-employment tips and cultural adjustments so that they can stand out from the rest of your employees.

By following this strict and detailed procedure, we can hire qualified and skilled professionals that can make a difference from the initial days of joining your company.

Why Choose Us?

Finding the right employees is the most important factor in the growth of a company. The growth of your company is directly proportional to the quality of your employees. At CPHR, we feel your recruitment is our priority. Here are some things that CPHR can do on behalf of you:

  • We provide recruitment services that hire talented professionals for you.
  • We have a Hiring Consultancy that provides all kinds of staffing and hiring solutions depending on your project requirement.
  • We can help you with Job posting and advertising through our platform.
  • The candidate sourcing and screening are done by our team on behalf of you.
  • The screened candidates are gone through candidate assessment and evaluation through various testing stages.
  • We follow recruiting technology and tools while recruiting to make the recruitment faster for you.
  • You don’t need to bother about interviewing the short-listed candidates as we take care of the Interview scheduling and coordination on your behalf of you.
  • We will complete the reference checking and background verification of the candidate.
  • You don’t need to bother about negotiating salary packages with the selected candidates as we complete the job negotiation and acceptance procedure in a way that both parties are satisfied.
  • Finally, we can provide onboarding support to the candidate by explaining all the joining procedures and any other queries of the candidate.

So, you can choose us if you want to hire the best professionals in the industry without wasting much of your time and effort.

Benefits of working with CPHR:
  • Access to a wider pool of candidates
  • Expert knowledge of the recruitment process
  • Ability to find the right fit for your business
  • Save you time and money

CPHR will handle screening, and interviewing of candidates on your behalf. CPHR will provide you with a shortlist of the best candidates for the role, so you can be confident that you are making the right decision for your business. CPHR offers advice on salary levels and benefits, so you can be sure you are offering a competitive package to attract the best candidates. If you are looking to fill a vacant position in your business, or simply consider CPHR placement consultancy services for future recruitment, get in touch with one of the expert team at CPHR Consultant today.

Let us help you find employees best-suited for your business needs, while you focus on bigger goals. With a set of experienced

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and an extensive, updated database, we match the ideal candidates with available designations. Get ready to scale the heights of success, backed by a team that understands!


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Turnkey Projects

If you’re setting up a new office or venture and are looking to hire across various levels, you’re at the right place. Let us recruit for you!


Let us help you find employees best-suited for your business needs, while you focus on bigger goals.

1. Job evaluation

We conduct a thorough analysis of the organisation structure before the job evaluation is made. We take into consideration:

  • Skillset and Experience level required
  • Scope of the job position
  • Working conditions etc.

These factors are pre-gathered from the client based on which an overall analysis is made. This in turn contributes to determining the right fit for the right job with the right compensation.

2. Head hunting

With a vast and high-quality database of candidates, our team gets in touch with the pool of candidates who possess the right experience and skill set as per our client’s needs.

3. Shortlisting

The CV of each applicant is thoroughly screened on the given criteria and the ones that match the requirements are selected.

4. Interviewing

The shortlisted candidates are then finally forwarded to the client for the first round of interviews at their premises.

5. Selection & Induction

Further, we also undertake the process of inducting the candidates about the organization for which they are selected.

Apart from skills training, we offer an overall training that encompasses the culture, values and philosophy of the company.

The candidate is inducted in such a manner by CP HR that the candidate gets a head start upon joining the organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A placement consultancy is a professional organization that helps other organizations in finding skillful and suitable employees for their projects. The placement consultancy finds candidates from various databases and completes the selection procedure on behalf of the other organization. A placement consultancy works in a way that the other organization does not need to involve at any point of recruitment.
Placement consultancies can offer a wide range of services depending on your requirement. The services offered by a placement consultancy include Job posting and advertising, Candidate screening and evaluation, candidate assessment, conducting interviews, and offer negotiation.
There are many benefits of using a job recruitment company. A job recruitment company can hire highly qualified and skilled professionals by saving a lot of time and effort for you. They have a wide range of candidates and it becomes easy for them to hire candidates that are suitable for your project.
The first thing in the process used by a job recruiting company is to know the requirements of the employer. Then they source the candidates and select them through various stages of screening. The selected candidates are interviewed and an offer letter is released by the job recruiting company on behalf of the employer.
Recruitment is a key responsibility of HR. While HR works in many areas like employee engagement, employee training, and negotiating the offer with the employee, the primary and predominant responsibility of HR is to find and attract the right talent and hire them for the employer.
HR plays a key role in the growth of a company. So, having a good HR is an added advantage. At HR Academy, we turn aspiring HRs into skilled HR professionals that possess the right skills and tools to hire efficient employees for your organization.
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