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CP HR Services simplifies the background verification & screening process for businesses with our expert services in Pune. We've the advanced tools and resources needed to insure effective and accurate results. Many companies in Pune offer background check services. Among them, we give dependable and accurate background verification services whether the guests are large or small, original or global. Many corporate investigations and

background verification agencies in Pune

are gaining significance in the current business and commercial terrain.

Background verification

is important to keep an eye on challengers as well as workers. We aren't hysterical to say that we're the best

background verification company in India

that specializes in providing all-inclusive and fully managed background check services.

Most of the corporate investigations in Pune are frequently conducted with the primary ideal of conducting a post-hire and pre-employment background check. Background verification helps companies to check the financial, criminal and sometimes commercial records of the employees. It ensures that the information handed by the campaigners is also fully accurate. Also, the process of background check protects your interests from any negative aspects like fraudulent conditioning, loss of income and damage to character. To achieve growth and success, numerous companies in Pune conduct background checks on their workers before hiring them.

Advantages Of Background Verification In India

Background checks ensure that only employees with clean backgrounds are selected or retained for longer periods of time. It also provides a safe work environment for both the companies and the employees hired. Background verification leads to better recruitments and thus lower employee turnover in companies. Background checks successfully uncover fraudsters or unsuitable candidates. Employees who have criminal records or drug abuse can find out using Background verification. The criminal behavior or past criminal nature of the potential employees can be investigated with a Background Verification process.

Our specialized bundle of services includes.

  • Verification of academics and professional qualifications.
  • Past employment history verifications, including interviews with past superiors.
  • Criminal records search through Police records, Court records, Criminality database.
  • Address verification including neighborhood check.
  • Personal/professional reference checks.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Database checks.
  • Comprehensive media searches.
  • Drug testing (Drug panel tests)
  • Identify verifications through Passport authentication,
  • Authentication of Driver’s license, PAN card and other personal identity documents.
  • Resume validation
  • Credit checks in countries where these are legally accessible.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Background verification is a process whereby an individual's criminal history, employment history, and/or educational qualifications are verified.
Background verification is conducted by employers, landlords, and others who need to verify an individual's qualifications.
The time required for background verification varies, depending on the type of information being verified.
Background verification may include an individual's criminal history, employment history, and/or educational qualifications.
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