Pune, October 7, 2023 – CP HR Services Pvt. Ltd. in India successfully hosted the National Leadership Summit 2023. This was a prestigious gathering of esteemed guests and HR professionals. The summit held at The Orchid Hotel in Pune brought together prominent and celebrated individuals from various realms, including Dr. Abduttayyib Vajihuddin as the President of the event, Mr. Taikhoom Mohiyuddin, Mr. Shailesh Dalmia, Dr. Manimala Puri, Dr. MD Lawrence, Ujjal Bhattacharjee as Guest of Honour, Mr. F. Francis Xavier and Major Rahul More (Retired) as the keynote speakers just to mention a few.

Dr. Abduttayyib Bs Shz. Qusai Bs Vajihuddin highlighted the unique challenges faced when managing volunteers in HR roles and the need to create a culture of continuous training and development within organisations. He emphasised that a good training and development culture is essential for nurturing leaders with qualities such as humility, passion, excellence, integrity, and empathy. His speech was followed by discussions on various challenges in Human Resource Development (HRD), including aligning the workforce with organizational goals, talent acquisition and retention, and the importance of embracing Theory Y principles to create a more engaged and productive workforce.

During the event, Dr. Mohammed Bawaji's book, "True Leader - The Best Coach," was launched, offering valuable insights into effective leadership and coaching techniques. The book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and nurturing the qualities that define true leaders.

Dr. Abduttayyib Bs Shz. Qusai Bs Vajihuddin, addressed the audience with insightful thoughts on the challenges faced by HR professionals. He also shared his experiences in organising the Bohra Community's field offices across the globe. He further emphasized on the significance of Human Resources in every organisation. He extended his heartfelt best wishes to CPHR Services for their visionary endeavour, likening the initiative to a lighthouse guiding HR professionals and organizations towards a future where HRD plays a pivotal role in shaping a skilled, motivated, and thriving workforce.

Mr Taikhoom Bs Shz. Huzefa Bs Mohiyuddin reflected on the challenges and importance of managing human resources. He Emphasised the profound connection between the volunteers and the project's vision.
Additionally, he acknowledged the delicate balance between their passion for service and limited time commitments. Moreover, he underlined the difficulty of establishing HR as a recognized department and the importance of matching skills with roles through a two-tiered system.

The solution proposed by Mr Taikhoom Bs lies in fostering a culture of continuous training and development within organizations, echoing the wisdom of Prophet Mohammed and the vision of His Holiness the 53rd Al Dai al Mutlaq Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb. Such a culture, it is believed, will nurture leaders characterized by humility, passion, excellence, integrity, and empathy, dedicated to serving their organizations and humanity at large.

The Business Launch of the Skill Assessment and Development Centre marked a significant milestone, gesticulating CPHR Services' dedication to fostering continuous growth and development in the field of Human Resource Management.

The National Leadership Summit 2023 concluded with an assurance to exploring and implementing innovative HRM strategies that address the challenges of our time and contribute to a brighter future in human resource management.

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